Providing all your personal & business tax compliance needs in the Las Cruces & Dona Ana County area

Running your own business doesn't mean you have to do everything. We will advise and render a review of key tax topics related to running your business for free. This includes income and expense record keeping, tax compliance, profit and loss analysis and product pricing to insure you make a profit on every unit sold or service hour rendered.

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Got customers who want to pay by Credit Card? 


We have the  solution for you on the web or on your mobile device when coupled with our Bookkeeping Services.

Need to get rid of all that accts. receivable /accts. payable paper and have it stored digitally while managing your cash flow?     


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When you need the kind of investigatory expertise that a CPA or Attorney does not or cannot provide

  1. BulletForensic Accounting Investigations

  1. BulletTrial Assistance and Expert Testimony

  1. BulletFraud Detection within your business

  1. BulletTax Crimes Defense Consultations

As a former I.R.S. Special Agent trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Center in Glynco, GA., he provides a tradition of excellence in financial investigations continuing the legacy of the great Special Agents:


Lewis Erskine, Special Agent

The Untouchables

Elliot Ness, Special Agent

Al “Chance” Cella

Former New York City IRS Special Agent, International Tax Specialist and Special Enforcement Forensic Accountant

It’s American to pay taxes- but not a cent more than your legal share!


Chance Tax recently prepared my income tax returns and I was delighted to receive a refund after hiring him to to my 2013 tax return. This is the first year in many that I didn't have to pay, pay, pay! He is very thorough with his accounting ability and I highly recommend him for his services. He is very courteous and extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Ted G.


This is our second year using Chance Tax Services.  Al is not only an accountant but, a former employee of the Internal Revenue Service.  He is extremely knowledgeable about tax law and tax codes and is on top of any changes which could impact your return.

Compared to other accountants in the Las Cruces area that I have used, his fee's are very reasonable for his services.  You will feel very assured with your final return knowing his attention to detail and experience are working for you.

Hey - and that’s no B******** EITHER!



This is our second year of utilizing Al's tax service and we are very satisfied with his work.  He provides friendly professional service with great attention to detail.



When I first heard about a guy who sings AND prepares Taxes, I laughed. Then I sat down with Al and he showed me stuff I never knew I was missing  - and now I have seen the light! And it’s bright, and it’s name is “Chance The Tax Man!”


“Chance Tax Services”                            “Chance Bookkeeping Services”           “Chance  Forensic Services”  


are all trade names of:

Al Chance Services LLC

P.O. Box 4387        

Las Cruces, NM 88003-4387


Don’t let the IRS take money from your pants
Call Chance Tax Services!
With over 30 years experience in the Tax and Audits field. 
Registered to prepare Returns Licensed as an Enrolled Agent to represent in Tax Examinations through the Appeals level.
(not an endorsement by I.R.S.)

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